Easy set-up, low maintenance

The SpotTrack system is easy to install and operate. All moving parts are enclosed within the sensor housing. The mechanical wear due to harsh weather conditions is thus kept at a minimum, allowing for low maintenance costs.

SpotTrack sensor unit

DP reference

SpotTrack is primarily used as a reference system for relative positioning in DP operations. The SpotTrack sensor is a robust motion stabilised rotating laser sensor which measures range and bearing to one or several retro-reflective targets installed on the target platform or vessel. Automatic wave motion stabilisation provides optimum target lock. The onboard HMI unit allows for easy configuration and monitoring of the SpotTrack system.

Multi-target tracking

SpotTrack is a true multi-target sensor with advanced tracking algorithms for true target recognition preventing lock on false reflections.

Close-by operations

Due to its unique design, SpotTrack is capable of target tracking in close-by operations. By utilising roll and pitch stabilisation, SpotTrack has a wide vertical field of regard which keeps track of targets even at high elevation angles.

Datasheet available for download