Award winning innovation

The award-winning DPS i-series consists of the DPS i2, that utilizes GPS and GLONASS, and the DPS i4, that also includes Beidou and Galileo satellite infrastructure.

Can operate without a subscription to correction services. A solution that provides significant economic benefits and a new approach to DP operations

Ready for remote services

Unmatched stable heading input yields less mechanical tear and wear and allows for an efficient operation, beneficial for fuel consumption during operation and voyage

Increased operational efficiency

Inertial technology (MGC/MRU) combined with the latest multi-constellation GNSS technology enables a cost efficient and reliable position reference solution, where no additional augmentation service is required. Still the DPS i-series is fully capable to utilize differential corrections and SBAS services when this is required.

Sensor fusion ensure high availability and integrity of the accurate position data, and by choosing MGC as the inertial sensor, customers benefit from a high-quality Wheelmarked gyro compass with no scheduled maintenance as an integral part of the solution, which can also serve other on-board systems with attitude data.

As it is also prepared for remote services and diagnostics, the DPS i-series is the true solution for the future, benefiting from the KONGSBERG global support service.

Cost of ownership

Based on service history to the MRU, MGC has an MTBF of 100.000 hours compared to conventional gyros that often has an MTBF of 40.000 hours. Adding the possibility to operate without differential correction services, and the less mechanical tear and wear due to stable heading, the DPS i-series is a very cost-effective solution for the future.

Approval in Principle

The DPS i-series was the first non-differential solution in the world to obtain “approval in principle” from DNV GL, and is today the only approved non-differential product of this kind in the market.


DPS i2 

DPS i4