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With our in-house expertise and technology base, we are a world-leading sensor power house, with a complete range of position reference sensors. All developed for dynamic positioning over decades in close cooperation with our demanding customers.

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The award-winning DPS i-series consists of the DPS i2, that utilizes GPS and GLONASS, and the DPS i4, that also includes Beidou and Galileo satellite infrastructure. Being able to operate without a subscription to correction services, DPS i-series is a new approach to DP operations that provides significant economic benefits.

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Our ability to combine our core technologies and fuse sensors, creates award-winning solutions that in many cases sets the standard for the industry. We possess deep in-house technology knowledge, and our edge lies in the control of every component used in our solutions. There are no room for compromises.


Decades of operational experience and close partnership with the industry, has led to a range of unmatched solutions with different technologies, perfectly tailored for use in dynamic positioning applications. Our pride lies in the functionality that secures efficient and safe operations required by our customers.


Since the introduction of GNSS in the maritime domain, KONGSBERG has been in the forefront of defining the standards for offshore operations. We always endeavor ourselves to improve our offerings, and the unique commitment among our experienced staff secures evolvement in the future. The proven record of installations world-wide tells the story.

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"A vital asset during the operation"

Zakher Marine International Inc
Position reference systems

Will enhance future navigation

Ocean Rig

"The Bosporus Strait is well recognised as being a hazardous area for navigation. Despite the bridges and other obstacles, which actually interrupted other satellite-based reference systems onboard, we were able to reference our position continuously, only because we had DPS 4D. The availability of position data helps to improve safety and efficiency of operations and I'm confident that DPS 4D will enhance future navigation and manoeuvring operations for Leiv Eiriksson."

Position reference systems

The preferred solution

Zakher Marine International Inc

"SpotTrack performed during the whole operation without any interrupt or degradation, and was a vital asset during the operation. Based on the proven performance and stability of the solution, SpotTrack is the preferred laser-based relative positioning solution for Zakher Marine International Inc."

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